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    Health & Safety Training
    Maintaining Business Records of Health and Safety Information
    Health and Safety File – a legal requirement of the CDM Regulations 2007
    The Health and Safety File (s) is a legal document kept by the business owners as a proof of the organizational chart of responsibilities followed in compliance with CDM Regulation. The recorded health and safety information of the construction project is used for determining future strategies and policies.

    The health and safety file is formulated to maintain the record of

    • Individual responsible for health and safety risk
    • Risk occurred at the site
    • Maintenance of Accident Statistics and Reporting
    • Maintenance System and Assessment of Workplace Equipment
    • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
    • Positive and Effective Health and Safety Counseling
    • Evaluation of Resource and Capability of Contractor
    • Safety Inspection Reports of Site
    • Evaluation of Workplace Fire Risk
    • Assessment, Auditing, and Reviewing Measures
    • Preparing Operating and Maintenance Manuals
    Responsibility of Compiling Health and Safety File Information
    The chief contractor is responsible for maintaining the health and safety file. The information shared by the designers, contractors, and other parties are recorded in the file for the stipulated period of time.

    The authority of the CDM Coordination and other related design member verify the information provided by the chief contractor. If the contractor provide only limited information related to the maintenance manual and drawing, the CDM Coordinator may reject it.

    The chief contractor has to collect all the relevant information related to health and safety and share it to the CDM Coordinators and other related design member within the allotted time period. Once the construction project is finally completed, the chief contractor submits the health and safety file to the concerned person.

    The Responsibility of the Health and Safety File holders
    • Need to keep the health and safety file updated
    • Retain the file safely till the lifetime of the project
    • Maintain the file on paper, film, or any other durable form
    • Transfer the health and safety file to the new owner if the project is sold
    • Share a copy of health and safety file with leaseholders, if the part of the structure is leased
    • Provide updated information to all the parties related to the structure
    • Submit the file to the CDM Coordinator on the completion of the project

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